Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles
Wooden Skittles

Wooden Skittles

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Encourage your kid to play bowling with you or with their buddies. They will have fun knocking them down. This backyard bowling game gives an outdoor twist on a classic game with specially crafted wooden bowling balls and pins. It is a sport which your kids are going to love for sure. It will help them build their physical skills like eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness while playing. It develops when kids use their eyes and hands together to target the bowling pins and roll the ball to hit. Also, they are learning where their bodies are in relation to the pins and ball so they can roll the ball in the right direction. The bowling set is convenient to be carried, not heavy so kids can handle it easily wherever outdoor or indoor. Perfect for children to play with their friends.


  • A simple game of skill and accuracy, Fun to play with family or friends.
  • The pins & ball are lightweight for the little hands to handle.
  • This Skittles set is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Skittle is constructed with natural wood that added durability
  • Designed to provide hours of creative fun for the whole family
  • The ideal game that everyone knows the rules of to be a hit with both kids and adults
  • It can be played in a variety of areas, such as the backyard, Lawn, Park, grass, sand.
  • This Bowling game set is an amazing gift for birthday, Christmas.


  • Brand Name: Trading Innovation
  • Product Type: Wooden Garden Bowling Set
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Natural Wood
  • Size: 23 cm (skittle)
  • Set Includes - 9 x Skittles, 2 Balls

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