Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop
Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop
Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop
Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop
Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop

Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop

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Cat Novelty Animal Doorstop

A doorstop in front of the door prevents it from snapping shut. This comes in handy when you have your windows wide open and a draft is coming in through the doors. By keeping your door open, you are also protecting the hands of any defenceless small children around the house. Our doorstop is an amusing practical contemporary doorstop in the form of a lovely cat. It has a heavy filling of bulk materials and is covered in durable fabric with a cute design. t is a bit more fun and visually appealing to perhaps grace the interior of your children and make them have fun with their decor from now on. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, hallway or any room door that you want to keep open, this soft, furry character will lie at the foot of your door and prop it open.


  • Novelty doorstop you can reduce the risk of injuries and keep your family safe
  • Padded bottom which is meant to protect your floor from scratches
  • The fun door stop is made with soft materials and bright, attractive colours.
  • This is great a great floor door stop for your bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room or patio door.
  • Perfect for any room in the house, the colours have been specifically chosen to fit all kinds of rooms and interiors


☛ Brand - Trading Innovation
☛ Product Type -
Novelty Doorstop
☛ Material -
☛ Colour Options -
Grey, Green
☛ Size - 20 cm x 30 cm

📌 NOTE: Please note that the product colour may slightly vary due to lighting sources while taking a picture.

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